I need to sleep, I’ve needed to fall asleep for two hours now. But every time I close my eyes I get stuck in the loop hole of anxiety that is my brain. So now, that it’s way past my bed time I’m guaranteed to sleep in tomorrow. Which will put me behind in all the things I want to accomplish in the morning. But who am I kidding.. I won’t get anything done, I’ll just sleep and sleep and sleep. Feeding and fuelling my issues because it’s all one huge fucking loop. I can’t sleep because my brain won’t shut up. If I can’t sleep then I can’t wake up early to go for a run. If I can’t go for a run I feel fat. I feel fat and that fuels my anxiety. My cure for anxiety is some sort of exercise. My depression doesn’t let me get out of bed or off the couch to go exercise. More anxiety means more severe depression. And the reason my brain doesn’t shut the fuck up is because it’s constantly thinking about how much I suck. Someone needs to hold me and tell me everything is gonna be okay.


SonReal - Let Me ft. The Boom Booms LIVE

I cannot wait to see him on my birthday!!! I might actually die